Christmas/Winter Holiday

All my wreaths are one of a kind and are very full. They will last for many seasons if properly taken care of. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Christmas & Winter Holiday Wreaths


Snowman # 454

Just for fun these two snowmen are hanging out in a wreath. Surrounded by flocked poinsettias, unbreakable ornaments, pine cones, berries, and frosted tips of “nature”.
Topped with a large bow that combines two ribbons that stream through the wreath. Set on a faux Canadian Pine wreath frame.
Stock # 454
Measures 28” H x 25” wide tip to tip

$69 Plus Shipping


Bedazzled #453
Bedazzled #453

A bright mesh Green and Red Striped wired bow that sets the stage. Six velvet and metallic leaf poinsettias surround the Canadian pine faux wreath frame. Bright unbreakable metallic green ornaments fill in around springs of red metallic pine cones, green and red spikes, and berries.  This is an eye catcher to greet your guests or maybe give as a hostess gift.

Stock #361
Measures 27 h x 24” w tip to tip
$79 plus shipping

Country Chic

Country Chic #452
Country Chic #452

Fancy, but not too fancy! Magnolia flowers and hydrangeas share this bed of nature with a big gold bird and a bow made of shimmering burlap. Surrounded by faux fern, ice crystals, berries, and gold cones on a faux Canadian Pine wreath frame. This is truly a keepsake wreath and would make a beautiful gift.
Stock # 452
Measures 29” H x 27” W tip to tip
$79 plus shipping

Playful Puppies – Sold

Playful Puppies #451
Playful Puppies #451

For all you Pet Lovers out there (I am one of you)

Three puppies with their heads deep into nature. This wreath is topped with a large “bone” which is surrounded by a bow made of a wired matching pattern.  Colorful unbreakable ornaments, bits of deep burgundy and beige hydrangeas, berries, pine cones, and a lot of “natures-frosted tips”. Base is a faux Canadian Pine Wreath frame.

Stock # 451
Measures 28” H x 28” W tip to tip
$74 plus shipping


Peacock #450
Peacock #450

A large peacock has found a home to rest among the blue and gold poinsettias.  The peacock wired ribbon is the perfect stage for this nature themed wreath. Bright blue shimmering and sheer poinsettias with pine cones, berries, bits of faux fir and cedar and “jeweled” pine tips. A very unique wreath that will be a great keepsake.
Stock # 450
Measures 30” h x 28” w tip to tip
$79 plus shipping

Bright & Merry 

Bright & Merry #401
Bright & Merry #401
A large striped diagonal colored bow coupled with a smaller bright accent ribbon top off this bright wreath.
Set on a faux Canadian Pine wreath base it has multiple elements to give that feeling of nature.
Poinsettia’s and berry hydrangeas are surrounded by red and silver unbreakable ornaments and bright berries
accent the flocked tips to represent nature’s theme.

This is certainly a wreath you will want as a keepsake
Stock #401
Measures 24” H x 27” W
$79 plus shipping

Candy Cane Sleigh – A Great Hostess Gift

 Polka Dot

Polka Dot #404
Polka Dot #404
This wreath reminds me of the beauty of Christmas all wrapped up in one place.
The large elegant bow is a mix of polka dots on a wide ribbon with stripes along the side coupled with a
green sheer ribbon full of polka dots. The ribbon streams throughout the wreath.
Set on a faux Canadian Pine wreath frame the red flocked poinsettias mixed with the shimmer of
green and red glittered unbreakable ornaments. The flocked tips are highlighted with berries, pine cones and other bits of “nature”.
Stock #404
Measures 24” H x 30” tip to tip
$89 plus shipping

 Christmas Time

Christmas Time #406
Christmas Time #406
Old fashioned wreath style with a modern update.
The combination of Wired deco red wreath mixed with a sheer green smaller ribbon set the stage for this awesome wreath.
The ribbon streams edges through the wreath to the bottom.
Large unbreakable red and green glittered ornaments, poinsettias leaves, pine cones, and lots of berries that fill the center.
Set on a faux Canadian pine wreath frame.
Your guests will enjoy being greeted with this one of a kind keepsake.
Stock #406
Measures 30” H x 27” Wide Tip to Tip
$74 plus shipping

 The Jeweled Metallic Reindeer  

The jeweled reindeer is the focus of the Metallic poinsettias that highlight this over-sized wreath. Surrounded by silver accents, including silver pine cones, gift packages and silver leaves and small balls. Red unbreakable ornaments are scattered throughout.  Frosted tips and silver springs add that touch of holiday and winter. Topped with a double wired silver and red metallic bow. Base is a faux Canadian pine wreath frame.
A true keepsake for many years to come.
Stock #357
Measures 36” h x 34” w tip to tip
$139 plus shipping


A Diva Christmas

A Diva Christmas #345
A Diva Christmas #345
Looking for something on the “Glam” side? This wreath delivers with the beautiful
faux beige hydrangeas, the mauve toned Peonies and dahlia mingled with flowing wisteria. The base is a faux Canadian pine wreath frame surround by pink and gold magnolia leaves. Mixed greens, delicate unbreakable ornaments, pine cones, and a clear bead rope weaved throughout.
The wired bow made of soft white and gold add a delicate touch.
Stock #345
Measures 30”H x 28”W tip to tip
$89 plus shipping

All Christmas

All Christmas

There is so much detail to this wreath. I have used year-round flowers and set them off with red roses, pine cones, berries, and snow flocked tips. Red and white ribbon top it off with the red sheer running throughout.
A beautiful keepsake.
Stock # 330
Measures 28” H x 27” W tip to tip
$89 plus shipping

Red, White & Berries

Red, White & Berries #344
Red, White & Berries #363 & 364

A twig frame bubbling with berries, large red and white hydrangeas.
Highlighted with sprigs of green and pine cones.
Will go nicely with a more elegant Christmas décor theme.

Two available!  Stock #363 & 364
Measures 31 H x 31 W tip to tip
$89 plus shipping



Tuscany #327
Tuscany #327

Oh, the style of the Italians!
Set here on a grapevine wreath frame surround by big bold silk flowers and leaves.
The grape clumps add that extra charm
Stock # 327
Measures 27”H x 24” W tip to tip
$75 plus shipping

 Hydrangeas and Roses – Sold

Hydrangeas and Roses #312
Hydrangeas and Roses #312

This is a version of my most popular wreath last Christmas.
The foundation is composed of beautiful white hydrangeas surrounded by lots of red and white roses.
The base is a faux Canadian pine wreath frame.
It is topped with a sheer wired bow which is surround by flocked leaves and bits and pieces of nature
and smoky glass unbreakable ornament.
Berries, pine cones and flocked hydrangea leaves add the final touch.
Stock # 312
Measures 26” H x 26” w tip to tip

 $89 plus shipping

 Roses and Pinecones Mantel Wreath

Roses and Pinecones #325

Its name should be eloquent. This beautiful wreath is just right for above a sofa, over the fireplace or above a buffet.
Topped by a wired silver bow intermingled with small snowflake sheer wired ribbon and more throughout the wreath.
Set on a large faux Canadian pine frame the silk glittered roses, are surrounded by frosted pine cones,
silver unbreakable ornaments and lots of “nature”
Stock # 325
Measures 33” H x 33” W tip to tip
$119 plus shipping

Flocked Poinsettias

Flocked Poinsettias #315
Flocked Poinsettias #326

Giant white flocked poinsettias form the theme for this wreath.
Topped with a giant wired bow and surrounded by unbreakable ornaments,
swags of greens, berries and other bits of “nature”.
Frosted pine cones throughout. Set on a Canadian faux pine wreath frame.
Stock # 326
This is a large wreath measuring 30” x 30
$129 Plus shipping   


 Delicate Christmas

Delicate Christmas #315
Delicate Christmas #315

An over sized Mantel Wreath.  Soft pale green poinsettias surround the entire faux Canadian pine wreath frame.
Frosted baby pine cones, a variety of silver unbreakable ornaments and bits of frosted tips throughout.
This is a wreath for those who like that elegant look for their holidays.
Will keep for many years to come.
Stock # 315
Measures 33’ H x 31” W tip to tip

$99.00 + shipping

 Blue Poinsettia

Blue Poinsettia #313
Blue Poinsettia #313

The Blue and Silver Poinsettias are so elegant; especially when they are joined by two silver glittered peacocks.
All set in a forest of silver and flocked bits of pieces of nature.
The wired bow is quite unique in its color.
Scattered throughout are blue and silver unbreakable ornaments.
Stock #313
Measures 28” H x 26” W
$69 Plus shipping


Merry #301
Merry #301

A fun wreath with a red glittered sign that says “Merry”. A giant bow of glittered tree ribbon and shimmering green accent.
Poinsettias, lots of unbreakable ornaments, pine cones, and frosted tips.
The base is a faux Canadian Pine frame.
Stock #301
Measures approx. 26” high x 26” wide
$89 Plus shipping



Cheers #302
Cheers #302

A giant bow with Candy Canes and shimmering red ribbon top this fun wreath with a “Cheers” sign.
Unbreakable ornaments, pine cones, white poinsettias and berries on top of a
Canadian Pine faux frame surrounded by sprigs of nature.
Measures approx. 26” H x 26”W
Stock #302
$89 Plus shipping